Top 10 Vacation Destinations for Seniors

Retirement is the time when you finally reap the benefits of your career and check things off your bucket list. People either take up a hobby or embark on an adventure. For most seniors, retirement means travel and so, we’ve drawn up a list of destinations you can consider for your next trip, where you can either completely lay back and relax or take up activities you always dreamed of doing one day.

1. California:

Palm Springs is known for its weather and scenic beauty. It is also famous for golf courses, shopping and dining options and luxurious resorts and hotel properties. Morro Bay, a road trip away, is known to be a relaxed and popular budget destination. It’s got vineyards, seafood, paddle boarding, whale watching and other eco-friendly activities.

2. Hawaii:

The ideal getaway for a person looking for beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyle. It is a more popular travel goal than any other state.

3. Montreal:

One of Canada’s most popular spots for tourists. Though some areas have cobblestone streets and hilly areas, it’s quite wheelchair friendly and can be accessed by citizens with limited mobility. Montreal has a lot of great restaurants and abundant accommodation options.

4. Italy:

Places like Tuscany and Sicily are ideal destinations to spend time drinking wine and devouring delicious Italian food. In Tuscany you can explore the landscapes, art and history while in Sicily you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean. Malta and the Amalfi Coast are also popular destinations.

5. Miami Beach:

This place is extremely senior friendly – from having a big collection of handicap friendly hotels to even having pools which are handicap friendly!

6. Charleston:

A popular destination for people who enjoy sightseeing and is easy to get around the place. History lovers will adore this place especially if periods like American Revolution and Civil War them. You can also rent a lovely beachfront cottage!

7. Alaska:

Described as a magical wonder, it can be a relaxing vacation for seniors, especially for those who choose to go on an Alaskan cruise. One can enjoy the cascading waterfalls, spot glaciers and whales popping up!

8. Caribbean:

The soft white sand and blue waters are really enticing. The ideal time for people looking for a peaceful vacation is either in May or September and October.

9. Mexico:

Perfect destination for the budget conscious. Places like Merida and Tulum are popular for seniors. Tulum is a town by the beach with a lot of activities to do. Preferably stay at beach front bungalow for the perfect experience. For a busy surrounding, you can visit Merida, known as “The White City”.

10. Greece:

A European country dipped in ancient history. It has mouthwatering food and breathtaking views. Mykonos and Santorini are perfect to have a complete Greek experience. However, these places get crowded. Try places like Syros, Crete or Corfu to escape the crowd.

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