Best Companion Dogs for Families and Elderly

Every individual’s and family’s requirement for a dog is different. Some people want a very active dog while others prefer small sized dogs. Here is a guide to select the perfect dog that fits in your family:

For Kids and Families:

Golden Retriever

Golden retriever is one of the smartest and intelligent dogs. They are very loyal and patient, which makes them perfect fit doe families. These dogs are very friendly, obedient and are fun loving. These are the best fit for families with children as these dogs are very calm indoors.

Bull Dog

Bull dogs are known to be docile and loyal dogs. They are friendly and are goods with kids. Their fur doesn’t need much maintenance and are perfect for a busy family. These dogs are best known for their patience and affection with children.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador is the most popular breed amongst families. They are patient and reliable and are very intelligent and easily trainable. They are very loving, playful, protective and are best with children. Their coat does not require much maintenance or grooming and just need to be brushed weekly.


Poodles are one of the smartest dogs and are very obedient. These dogs are suitable for families with children since they are very adventurous and playful. This breed is standard and miniature sizes.


Beagles are small and active dogs. They don’t get tired easily and are best suited for families with kids. They love exploring outdoors and are enthusiastic dogs. They do not require a lot of grooming and only occasional brushing is required.

For Elderly:


Pugs are very friendly and attention seeking dogs. These dogs are small in size and have a wrinkled face. These dogs are very playful and confident and always ready to please and are great with elderly people.


These dogs are best for lonely people since they get attached to only one person in the family. These dogs love to be indoors and are very protective in nature. Also, these dogs are very loyal and friendly and best for elderly people.

Yorkshire Terrier

These dogs behave very similarly to their owner’s lifestyle. Yorkshires are very affectionate and friendly in nature. These dogs are always ready for an adventure and easily trainable.


Pomeranian are small in size and are also known as “Poms”. These dogs are very playful, self-confident and always attentive. These dogs love to play games and are always up for an adventure. These dogs need to be brushed twice a week and love to be kept indoors.

Dwarf Schnauzer

These dogs are very protective and obedient dogs. These dogs can serve as a perfect guardian and a great companion. They love staying indoors and require professional help for their grooming.

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