Best Exercise Equipment’s To Achieve That New Year’s Resolution

If you have made your new year resolution to get fitter in 2018 then obviously you are not alone. But it’s almost mid-February and if you’re still struggling on what to buy for fitness equipment then eliminate the stress of it as we have listed down below the best exercise equipment’s for your fitness dose.


If you’re the one looking for strength training, then don’t forget to add Dumbbell’s in your equipment list. Whether it is home exercise or gym one, dumbbell’s have been voted the single most & much need equipment for exercising. The hex shaped encased rubber Dumbbell’s won’t slip or destroy your floor when you sweat with all your workout. Our advice is to get at least two pairs – One light & one heavy to cover your weight training.

TRX Suspension System

One of the favourites of all the workout enthusiast is TRX. One should go for this as TRX uses your body weight to change the resistance of your body movement which help you to stretch your muscles.

Treadmill Exercise Machines

With all the cardiovascular workouts out there, spending time on the treadmill burns the most calories. As compared to the elliptical machines, treadmills can be used by anyone at any fitness level. Though there are some disadvantages associated to this equipment as this machine will have an impact on your joints which can make you feel very uncomfortable using it.

Rowing Cardio Exercise Machines

Rowing machines are proven to provide a challenging workout to fitness enthusiasts. If you’re one of those looking to pump your adrenaline while working out, then definitely add this monster machine in your equipment list.

Rowing machines require a significant level of coordination as it is essential to pull simultaneously with both of your arms when you’re pushing with your legs. You also have to use your abdominal machines for back support.

Ab Roller & Kneeling Mat

Everyone wants their tummy flat, but no one wants to work towards it. But if you’re serious enough to lose your tummy then do not think twice before buying this equipment as this is an potential equipment to flatten it.

LAT PULL Chin-up Bar

That dream of having Ronnie Coleman’s perfect V-shaped back can turn into reality if you put in work with this chin-up bar. This multi – training equipment easily attaches to a doorway or a wall for you to easily do the chin-ups anytime. This equipment will loosen up your back wings in smooth motion through which you can have the V-back you always desired for.

Now that you have gained some insights on which exercise equipment’s you should go for, remember to spend some time with this equipment’s to avoid an expensive mistake.

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