The Best Mediterranean Cruises That Money Can Buy

The only limit to your Mediterranean cruise is your sense of wanderlust. From Spain to Turkey and everywhere in between, you will enjoy visiting these modern-day towns that are built of ancient ruins and taking a dip in the waters of the tranquil sea, as you sample the delicious cuisine in places like France and Italy.

With so many countries and thousands of years of history on the itinerary, there are plenty of ways to discover this ancient sea. You can step into grand cities and laidback harbours, stand before vibrant modern architecture or age-old wonders and discover lively resorts and sleepy islands.

Many great civilizations have once flourished around these shores. So, a Mediterranean cruise will offer the perfect opportunity to experience and explore some truly iconic and culture-rich destinations. There’s the Colosseum in Rome, the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens, and other imperial treasures in the western Mediterranean.

Treat yourself to the delicious food while cruising your way through these coastal regions. You can sample Greek mezze, Spanish tapas, Italian coffee, gelato or Turkish tea and baklava. Explore the age-old family recipes where you can expect fresh fish and meats with olives, sun dried tomatoes which feature heavily in the region’s cuisine too.

Depending on your desires, a Mediterranean cruise could take you to destinations like:

Spain: From Gaudí and El Greco to tapas and flamenco, you will be able to capture the energetic diversity of Spain; don’t forget to treat yourself to a sumptuous cultural buffet.

Portugal: Explore the beautiful Alcobaca Monastery, Belem Tower to the Praia da Marinha located in the Atlantic coast region of Algarve.

France: Big cities, small fishing villages, and the French Riviera are the few attractions you’ll see as you explore France, accompanied by delicious gourmet meals.

Italy: Rome & Venice show off their vibrant culture and rich history. In Rome, you will see the heart of the ancient Roman Empire and the modern city all in one. Venice, “The City of Canals” has deep roots in Renaissance art & architecture.

The Balkans: Navigate through the fabled Adriatic and the Aegean Seas to reach the southeastern corner of Europe, including Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey – each with their own distinct cultural flair.

Greece: The blue-green waters and terraced towns of the Greek Isles hold a fascinating place in the cultural history of the world, as home to legends and myths that have shaped modern architecture, art, and literature. Don’t forget to explore the beautiful beaches and quiet towns as well.

Croatia: Swim across the most scenic beaches of the Mediterranean, including the Elaphiti Islands, the Dalmatian Coast, and the beachfront towns of Split & Bol.

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