Top 7 Tips for First Time Motorhome Owners

If you’re new to the world of motorhomes, you’ll be loaded with a blend of nerves and excitement as you start planning your first ever trip in your RV. Here are 7 important tips every beginner should consider before heading outdoors to ensure a smooth journey:

Tip 1: Choose your budget

Start planning your trip by deciding how much money you would like to spend on your first RV adventure. Make sure you can buy enough supplies, gas, and other necessities in your budget.

Tip 2: Get to Know your Camper

It’s important for RV beginners to take enough time and understand every function of their motorhomes. You should be able to fix the smaller issues yourself. This will save your time and efforts if something breaks.

Tip 3: Begin by Going Nearby

Try not to take off on an epic adventure on your first trip. It’s a sensible option to take it slow and steady. In fact, start by spending your first night in the neighborhood.

Tip 4: Carry Important Tools and Spare Parts

Carry a fully equipped toolkit and other important things that you might need in your RV; like jumper cables, nuts, bolts, screwdrivers, light bulbs, hammer, pocket knife, small hacksaw and other spare parts that are unique to your camper. Without these, you increase your risk of waiting and searching for these tools and parts on your trip.

Tip 5: Pack Carefully

In addition to your tools and spare parts, you need to be very creative in packing for your other camping necessities. You should make effective use of every inch of your camper.

Tip 6: Select the right campground

These are the list of things you should be considering before you pitch:

  • Choose how close or far you would want to be from all the amenities
  • Locate the nearest water body
  • Try looking for a flat ground
  • Keep in mind the required play area beforehand
  • Be aware and careful of your surrounding

Tip 7: Difference between ‘likes’ and ‘must-haves’

You should know what are the ‘must-haves’ for any motorhome (belted seats, beds over 6ft) and ‘would-be-nice’ to have in your motorhome (microwave, reversing camera). Be prepared to compromise on the ‘would-be-nice’ but try not to compromise on the ‘must-haves’.

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